Town Pump, Inc takes great pride in our commitment to Montana and the responsibility and dedication that we devote to each and every community big and small.

As a 100% Montana owned and operated company, our philosophy is straightforward: to be good stewards for the communities and environment where we live and work. This core commitment started in 1953 with Tom Kenneally Senior and extends to our 3,000 employees in Montana and Idaho.

Our culture of good stewardship also ensures that we meet or exceed the expectations of Montanans, focusing on Basic Needs, Education, Community Support and Emergency Assistance, and Veterans. Every day, Town Pump strives to make our communities stronger, safer and more sustainable.

Our commitment extends to:

  • Town Pump Corporate and Charitable Giving exceeded $20 Million since 2000!
  • 76 Montana Food Banks in 65 communities receive over $2 Million annually, including the Town Pump Charitable Foundation match of $500,000.
  • Proud Platinum State Sponsor of Special Olympics of Montana.
  • Over $600,000 awarded to Montana Schools in Education Grants!
  • The Town Pump Inc. Giving Program provides funding for community activities that do not qualify for funding through the Foundation, yet are deserving of support.
  • Community - local fundraisers for individual emergencies, community fundraisers, volunteer fire and ambulance, local civic organizations and local festivals.
  • Schools - funding for high school yearbooks, Alcohol-Free Graduation Parties, school athletic programs and advertising.
  • Education - each year Town Pump locations sponsor more schools in Montana through our affiliation with Exxon as well as through our own corporate Giving Campaign. These grants are used for school programs such as computer software, reading programs, music programs, field trips and scholarship programs.
  • The Town Pump Scholarship Program was established to assist all Town Pump employees, their children and/or grandchildren to continue their education after high school. $55,000 in scholarships is offered for full-time study at an accredited Montana institution of the student’s choice.
  • The Meals for Backs Program seeks to fulfill our mission by providing funding for backpack feeding programs in Montana primary, middle and secondary schools. Grants from $5,000 to $10,000 are available for schools or other charitable organizations with existing programs and organizations seeking to start a backpack feeding program in a school not currently served.